Revelland is a collective network of passionate artists, directors and event organizers, determined to make performing arts accessible to everyone. We’re on a quest for cultural transcendence through immersive experiences. By chasing our curiosity and breaking boundaries, we defy cultural experiences that you’re accustomed to, exploring undiscovered realms of possibilities. Will you join our mission?


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In 2019, three artists embarked on a journey to take their live gigs to a whole other level. In collaboration with top-notch sense specialists and people with limitations, KNARS (NL), KRANKk (BE), and Perhaps Contraption (UK) transformed their live performances into immersive, sensory, and accessible experiences. By drawing inspiration from the way people with limitations, for example, deaf or blind people, experience live music, Revelland now introduces the Go Beyond video series. Are you ready to transform how you think about your music and gigs forever? Tune in to the first episode below.

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