Transforming art experiences, together.

Revelland is a collective network of passionate artists, directors and event organizers, determined to make performing arts accessible to everyone, i.e. including those with physical limitations (such as deafness, blindness etc) or learning difficulties. We’re on a quest for cultural transcendence through immersive experiences. By chasing our curiosity and breaking boundaries, we defy cultural experiences that you’re accustomed to, exploring undiscovered realms of possibilities. By adding new elements to performances that stimulate all the senses we create a new dimension, enriching the experience for the whole audience by deepening their emotional connection with the journey and making it fully accessible, regardless of any limitations people may have.

Revelland researches, develops, showcases and consults. Our next landmark is: multi-sensorial, immersive live music performances on a budget with DJ Kormac, KNARS, KRANKk and Perhaps Contraption.

There are three principles that guide our work:


Revelland embraces the ‘Possibilizing’ philosophy: thinking and acting in possibilities, in every situation. Our mutual love for culture, pushes us to look for ways that enable different people to enjoy culture on an equal level. We take limitations as a source of inspiration and work towards creative accessibility: inclusive solutions that don’t lead to exclusion, but to an enrichment of the artistic performance, experience or exhibition.


We envision an inclusive world in which everybody can enjoy, participate or engage in performing arts, a world in which everybody gets the space, support and means to utilise their expertise and talent in a friendly, open and safe environment. Revelland develops inspiring solutions and offers hands-on tools which you can start implementing immediately. Using our expertise gathered over more than 15 years, we create a platform for untold stories and empower artists, organisations and individuals to create and facilitate inclusive performing arts.


There is strength in numbers. Revelland currently has active collaborations in Belgium, Ireland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Collectively, we have a strong European network. We connect, exchange and collaborate. And above all, we are eager to add passionate collaborators to Revelland’s network to expand to new territories. Will you join our mission?

Revelland is part of Possibilize and works together with 4160 Tuesdays, A Right/Left Project, Adam Thomason, BitterSuite, CWB, Eileih Muir, Konekt, Nwando Ebizie and Skyway Programs.

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