Transforming art experiences, together.

Revelland is a collective network of passionate artists, directors and event organizers, determined to make performing arts more immersive and more accessible to everyone – i.e. including those with physical limitations (such as deafness, blindness etc) or learning difficulties – in a new way. 

Revelland has been active since 2021. As of March 2023, thanks to a project funded by the Creative Europe programme, the network has been enriched with new actors and for the next two years 7 European partners will work to develop a new way of experiencing the dimension of live music, together with Festivals, musicians, music experts, bands and 2 Inclusion Boards. 

Inclusion and accessibility are hot topics in the live music sector today. 

Festivals see the removal of barriers as a very difficult and costly challenge. Revelland was born to support organizations in finding creative solutions toward greater accessibility.


Revelland’s aim is to bring live music performances to the next level, transforming them into multisensory events 

  • by adding scent, taste, sight and touch, musicians take their audience on a journey of all the senses 
  • developing a journey through the emotions evoked by the live music experience
  • creating an immersive experience that offers the audience a deeper understanding of music

Does it seem too visionary?

The word from our experts.


The network consists of music industry professionals, bands, a highly qualified team, helping musicians building their immersive performances and two groups representing the audiences to which we aim to create impact for: deaf people and people with different disabilities. 


Revelland is part of Possibilize and works together with CWB Productions, KeepON Live, Live DMA, Disability Studies in Nederland, Maria’s World Foundation, EASPD, Vitamin, Gideon Berger, Nwando Ebizie, Nick Llewellyn, Sarah McCartney – 4160 Tuesdays, Stephanie Singer, Adam Thomason and Asher Young.

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