A video tool-kit for creating multi-sensory immersive live music from Revelland

In 2019, three artists embarked on a journey to take their live gigs to a whole other level. In collaboration with top-notch sense specialists and people with limitations, KNARS (NL), KRANKk (BE), and Perhaps Contraption (UK) transformed their live performances into immersive, sensory, and accessible experiences. By drawing inspiration from the way people with limitations, for example, deaf or blind people, experience live music, Revelland now introduces the Go Beyond video series. Are you ready to transform how you think about your music and gigs forever? Tune in to the first episode below.


Ronald Ligtenberg

Defined as “accessibility in such a way that multiple groups can benefit”, Possibilize coined the term Creative Accessibility. By looking at performing arts, culture, the creative sector – and the world for that matter – from an inclusive point of view, Possibilize CEO Ronald Ligtenberg challenges you to ask the simple question: How do we get a disabled person to truly participate and how can we use their situation as a source of inspiration to enrich the cultural sector?

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Stephanie Singer

Stephanie is a composer and director of music experiences. It’s her mission to find radical new forms of staging and imagining live music. In this video, Stephanie shares the first steps of how to transform your live performance into an immersive experience – starting with getting to know your own process as a creative.


Adam Thomason

As culinary director of Absolute Taste and captain of England Culinary Team, chef Adam Thomason has a passion to create memories and unique experience through food and taste. By working in a multidisciplinary, multisensory capacity, he believes we can open more doors and find new possibilities within each creation. In this video, Adam shares new perspectives and new ways to incorporate taste into a music experience.


Sarah McCartney

Sarah McCartney is a self-taught sense expert and perfumer. As the former brand director of Lush and founder of artisanal perfumery 4160 Tuesdays, she now creates fragrances for individuals, companies and art experiences out of her studio in London. Discover in this episode how Sarah incorporated the smell of impending doom to an opera performance.


Nikki Manuputty

Nikki Manuputty is a theater maker, teacher and actress. Next to that she works internationally as a producer in the music and events industry. Nikki has a neurological condition that limits her mobility and uses a wheelchair. Living with this disability has made her realise that there are still many improvements to be made in the cultural sector in terms of accessibility and also in the artistic field in terms of creative accessibility. As an experience expert, she shares her vision on diversity and inclusion in the cultural sector.


KRANKk & Perhaps Contraption

Within a two-year program by Revelland, KRANKk and Perhaps Contraption developed immersive live performances. By drawing inspiration from sensory limitations and including deaf people and people with learning difficulties in their creative process, they explored new realms of possibilities. With a team of sense specialists including Stephanie Singer, Adam Thomason and Sarah McCartney, the artists were able to incorporate new elements to their performances and create new dimensions, enriching the experience for the whole audience by deepening their emotional connection with the music. In this video, Thomas Geysen and Christo Squier share insights about their process and the results.

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