The right words to build inclusion in live music: find them in Revelland’s e-book!

December 3 marked the International Day of Persons with Disabilities: on this day we decided to publish an e-book named “Inclusion in live music. The right words to build it”.

The e-book is an interactive glossary developed to help anyone who wants to find a more correct, non-offensive and inclusive way to talk about disabilities, so that a sensitive and attentive language can become part of the everyday life of more and more people.

Revelland is a collaborative European network passionate about finding ways to make live music performances both more accessible to a broader audience and more immersive. 

Language can be one of the barriers preventing access to live music – and cultural content in general – for many audiences: language is therefore one of the many barriers that this project undertakes to break down in a creative way and through the contribution of professionals and expert operators in the field of inclusion. 

We hope that this glossary will serve this purpose.

Revelland’s approach is as collaborative and as open as possible: we are open to contributions, advice and suggestions that can help us grow and improve, together.

Contact us if you wish to report aspects that you think are not taken into consideration in this work or alternative solutions to those proposed here!

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