KNARS reveal how they transformed their live show into a multi-sensory, immersive experience

In a brand new video interview, Martijn Holtslag, lyricist and frontman of KNARS, reveals how the band incorporated their learnings of the 3-years program with Revelland. In 2019, the band embarked on a journey to take their live gig to a whole other level. In collaboration with top-notch sense specialists and people with limitations, KNARS transformed their live performances into immersive, sensory, and accessible experiences. By drawing inspiration from sensory limitations and including deaf people and people with learning difficulties in their creative process, they explored new realms of possibilities.

So I want you, as an artist, to let that creativity go and dream really big, to implement really small, smart ideas to make your show so much more immersive and amazing than it already is.
Martijn Holtslag, KNARS

Curious how enriching the experience for a whole audience and making your performance more accessible can go hand in hand, regardless of any limitations people may have? In this open-hearted interview, Martijn shares practical examples how visualising and experimenting with gasoline, chili pepers, stand-ins and masks too KNARS’ live performance to the next level.

Want to know more? Check out Go Beyond, a video tool-kit for creating multi-sensory immersive live music from Revelland.

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