Revelland brings the future of live music to Eurosonic Noorderslag

Almost 2,5 years ago Revelland set out on a mission: to make performing arts accessible to everyone. We composed an amazing team of performance designers, sense specialists and organisers, and three music acts joined Revelland for an exhilarating two-year process to transform their live show to an immersive experience: KNARS (NL), KRANKk (BE) and Perhaps Contraption (UK). In close collaboration with Creative Europe Desk NL, we bring our findings to Europe’s leading music conference Eurosonic Noorderslag on January 20 2022.

Working through collective improvisation brings a lot of inspiration for everyone because there is no disability in making art. The joy and connection between people, who are otherwise divided, on stage is one of the most beautiful thing we witnessed 2021.
Aram Abgaryan, KRANKk

Making live concerts accessible has been part of an ongoing debate, but the focus is often on practical issues such as ramps and having sign interpreters. Although these talks are important, they frame the issue as a burden based on the assumption that accessibility costs time, money and effort. But accessibility and inclusion of people with a disability on the stage and in the audience can be an asset for concerts as a whole. The Creative Europe supported project Revelland draws inspiration from the way disabled people experience live music. The international collective of artists, performance designers, sense specialists and organizers uses this inspiration to transform live performances to immersive, sensory and accessible experiences.

Creative Europe Desk NL and Possibilize (the initiator of Revelland) invite deaf Finnish rap artist Signmark, composer and experience designer Stephanie Singer (UK), Belgian music act KRANKk and Nikki Manuputty (Possibilize). Together, they do a deep-dive into the creative process, talk about how a limitation can be turned into an inspiration and explain how sensory elements such as visuals, taste, scent or dance can enrich a live performance. Creative accessibility is the key to the future of live music: these are inclusive solutions that create value for multiple target groups, both with and without a disability. Are you ready to change the way you experience and create music?

You’re invited! For information and tickets, please visit

Thinking experientially means we consider how we as individuals experience the world.
Stephanie Singer, BitterSuite

Note on accessibility: Our aim is to make sure that this talk is as accessible as possible. We will have a sign interpreter who will translate the session into Dutch Sign Language. If your experience will be enhanced by another type of interpreter (International Sign Language, audio transcription), please send your request to by Monday 9th January 2022.

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