Do you have plans for the next two years?

A new phase of Revelland is about to begin, join us at Sencity Festival!  

A multidisciplinary experimentation to make artistic performances accessible to everyone, in a creative way. 

A two-year journey in which 7 European partners – Possibilize, CWB, Live DMA, Maria’s World, Signmark, KeepON and EASPD – will develop a new way of experiencing the dimension of live music, together with Festivals (Sziget Festival, Cooltural Almeria, Colours of Ostrava, ESNS, Roskilde Festival and KeepOn LIVE FEST), musicians, music experts, bands and a Deaf Inclusion Board. 

The place for this new departure could only be the city of Utrecht on a specific day: Saturday 25 March 2023. This is in fact the day on which the 20th-year anniversary of Sencity Festival will be held, an event inspired by deaf culture and the inability to hear music, created with the aim of making music accessible in various ways: the event that better than any other can provide the setting for the kick off of Revelland

The meeting in Utrecht will be an opportunity for all project partners and collaborators to meet in persona and to better define the future work phases that will see this group working on common goals together for the next two years, starting with a hands-on workshop that will take place on Saturday 25 March.
Ronald Ligtenberg, Possibilize

On this occasion Revelland will also reveal the names of the musicians involved for the next two years in the project, follow us on Instagram to find out who they are! 

Last but not least, the Sencity Festival setting will be a unique opportunity to experience live the results that years of research and experimentation have produced in the field of inclusiveness in the live music sector. 

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Ready for Sencity Festival?

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Revelland is Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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