Welcome to Revelland. Let’s transform art experiences, together.

Pleased to meet you. If you found your way to this online space, you’re most likely an artist, a creator or facilitator of arts, or someone with a passion for inclusion. We’re excited to welcome you to Revelland and share our dream with you:

We want to make performing arts more inclusive and more immersive at the same time. And we do this by taking the limitation as a source of inspiration and the outcome of that should be that every and each individual is able not only to experience and consume performing arts but even to participate in it and get fully engaged in performing arts.
Ronald Ligtenberg, Possibilize

Revelland researches, develops, showcases and consults. Using our expertise gathered over more than 15 years, we create a platform for untold stories and empower artists, organisations and individuals to create and facilitate inclusive performing arts. 

Immersive Live Performances

Our next landmark is multi-sensorial, immersive live music performances on a budget with DJ Kormac, KNARS, KRANKk and Perhaps Contraption. Imagine your can’t hear or can’t see. How would you experience a live gig? Revelland explores these “limitations” and transforms them into strengths. We use our learnings to add new sensorial dimensions to live gigs to transmit the intention and enhance the emotion of each song. Discover how enriching the experience for a whole audience and making your performance more accessible can go hand in hand, regardless of any limitations people may have. Tune in at the Revelland Podcast. 

Creative Accessibility 

We coined the term “Creative Accessibility”. This is accessibility in such a way that multiple groups will benefit from the implementation. They are inclusive solutions that don’t lead to exclusion, but to an enrichment of the artistic performance, experience or exhibition.

Nothing About Us Without Us

Revelland believes that everybody that is supposed to benefit from this work should also have a say in how it is being produced. Deaf people and people with learning difficulties are an integral part of our team. They share their knowledge and experience with the artists, give feedback and come up with ideas on how to continue this project. 

Will you join our mission?

Launching this website is a big milestone for Revelland and we’re excited to share our work. Do you like what you’ve discovered so far? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, sign up for our newsletter and check out the Revelland Podcast. We’re eager to hear from you – you can book a free 30-minute consultation via our contact page. Talk soon!

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