What’s up, Artists of Revelland?

Towards the first tryouts: how Revelland artists have developed the concepts of their immersive shows

In the past months, the Revelland bands have been working non-stop with an international group of sensorial experts in order to develop their shows, transforming them into multisensory and inclusive experiences.

Six bands, six different concepts, each with their own core but all united by a common goal: to resonate with the audience and be as inclusive as possible. The artists will eventually perform in Utrecht during Sencity 2024, after trying out their projects in different venues.

We had a chat and asked them to tell us how it’s going: let’s see what they’ve been cooking up!

Let’s start with CUT_ and their Ritual: the band is working on an intense shared experience both for themselves and their audience, in order to connect people, make them overcome differences and embrace diversity. Stage design will be a crucial part of their gig: three interactive installations will be used and placed in the crowd. A very experimental project, indeed!

The band will also be playing and moving along: starting from the stage they will then move into the crowd and then go back to where they started.

The relationship between noise and nature will be the main core of Bratři’s journey; an invitation to escape the noisy world inspired by the natural world and its capacity to unlock happiness and natural joy, where the audience will be involved thanks to the application of live videos and cameras on stage.

The Czech duo is also planning to enhance their performance with the help of lights and visuals; they even mentioned the presence of interactive plants and 3D effects!

Moving on to Italy, One Eat One tried out part of their show during a chill live set in Bologna, on October 5. Their full show will not only be a multi sensorial experience, but will also unite different media artists on the stage: different worlds meet through art, just like different artists will meet through music.

During the show the band will perform with Ribolle, a circus troupe specializing in soap bubbles, and Mart Signed, a street artist whose final work of art will be destroyed and given to the audience as a metaphor for art and human fragility.

The Italian band planned a very strict storyboard to follow: no space for improvisation!

Speaking of tryouts, The Anahit also already experimented with their concept in Hungary!

On October 6 the band performed their first multisensorial concert at the Akvárium Klub in Budapest, telling the story of the dark and the bright side of being alive and encouraging the audience to embrace both parts of the self. Their 90-minute-set featured various multisensorial elements such as candies, bubble wrap, face paint and tantalizing perfumes, all connected to the theme of childhood memories and guided by the AI-generated voice of a goddess.

A second tryout will take place on October 28, where they will test out the replicability of their project in a smaller venue.

Feelings and emotions are what unite us as persons, and will therefore be a crucial part of K!NGDOM’s show.

The Spanish band is working non stop to develop an immersive concept which revolves around the concept of the heart and the different stages of emotions we feel and develop as humans. It will be a 3-phase-journey, each with their own peculiarity and multisensory approach but all united by a common “Spanish vibe” and by the use of videos and screenings, which will play a pivotal role in the whole experience.

And, last but not least, what about Lyra Valenza?

The dynamic electronic duo from Denmark will embark on a journey about the joys, challenges and mostly pain of becoming an adult; the band will bring a new music experience to the audiences with visuals, set design and immersive in-crowd experiences inviting them to play, lose their inhibitions, let go of their sense of cringe and party like they never partied before.

We are looking forward to seeing their concept and ideas fully put into practice; and if you’re also curious to know how the bands will keep working on their inclusive liveshows, keep following us!

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