Revelland is at your service. We empower artists, organisations and individuals to create and facilitate inclusive performing arts.


Revelland is a pioneer in the field of multi-sensorial, immersive performing arts. By taking the limitation as source of inspiration and actively including people with limitations (such as deafness, blindness etc) or learning difficulties in the creative process, we research and develop solutions that enrich the experience for the whole audience by deepening their emotional connection with the journey and making it fully accessible, regardless of any limitations people may have.


Seeing Experiencing is believing. Whether you have a sensorial limitation, learning difficulty or neither, you’ll come to learn the power of creative accessibility by experiencing it firsthand. Dive into the world of Revelland by smelling happiness, tasting heartbreak, hearing trust, seeing love and feeling ecstasy. We will transform your art experience.

First aid for accessibility

Looking for a quick fix to make your event or building more accessible? Revelland comes to the rescue when you are in need of an interpreter, sign dancer, induction loop, focus group or other solution.


With over 15 years of experience and a global network, Revelland is eager to share its knowledge with organisations and individuals who recognise the need for change. Whether you want to immersify a performance through multi-sensorial elements, wish to gain insight in the needs of people with limitations through a focus group or want to make your communication strategy more accessible, Revelland is at your service to grab any challenge by the horns.

Presentations and workshops

We believe in activation through inspiring solutions and hands-on tools. Accessibility, diversity and inclusion are still abstract concepts to many people and there are a lot of false assumptions that keep organisations from implementing change. That’s why Revelland offers presentations and workshops to show how you can do things in such a way that you create multiple benefits and surprising outcomes, starting today.

Start a project

Whether you are an artist or an organisation, we’ve got your back. Revelland specialises in projects on accessibility, coalition and inclusion. We offer our knowledge and network to support you in writing a project plan, creating a budget, assembling a focus group and raising funds to name a few examples. Thinking and acting in possibilities, in every situation, is what we do best. So let’s go!

Let’s transform art, together.

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