Revelland guides your process to become aware and ensure creative accessibility for audiences, events, and acts.

Why a workshop could transform your mindset about creative accessibility

Everyone should be able to enjoy a cultural experience.”

Revelland is a collective of experts in the entertainment industry. Together, we have years of experience in guiding acts, events, and institutions towards creative accessibility.

We have experienced ourselves on how to transform people’s mindset about creative accessibility, resulting in a more immersive and inclusive cultural experience.

At Revelland we support cultural institutions, acts, venues, and events. We guide you to implement technologies and smart solutions. These solutions contribute to a safe environment where people with and without physical or mental disabilities can enjoy cultural experiences.

What others say about our workshop Creative Accessibility

“Through the workshop we brainstormed about the ideas applicable to our organization. We became more aware of creative accessibility. Creative accessibility is more than just lowering literal barriers for people with disabilities. We see how we can profit from thinking in creative accessibility.”

TivoliVredenburg – Utrecht, the Netherlands

What is Creative Accessibility?

Creative accessibility combines creativity and accessibility. We believe that creativity and cultural expression should not be limited to people without physical or mental disabilities.

These disabilities should not limit or resist people to experience emotions and inspiration.

We believe that technological opportunities and minor changes could help to transform acts, events and venues in a more immersive experience for an entire audience., without exclusion.

Accessibility is a human right. This is why the United Nations published a disability inclusion strategy how society should implement standards to embrace inclusion.

As cultural experiences contribute to becoming part of a society, we believe that creative accessibility through cultural experiences could become an inspiration for governments and businesses to change and become inclusive.

We think in possibilities, not in limitations

ProblemWhy is it a problemSolutionWe call it
1) Venues are inaccessibleSocial isolation, missing representation, art is part of reflection, discussion, and change.Increase intrinsic motivation and awareness of social responsibilityCreative accessibility
2) Realising accessibility is viewed as a burdenTime, money, effort, without proper knowledge or experienceInclusive (artistic) solutions with added value for multiple target groupsCreative accessibility
3) Inclusive solutions result in exclusionGroups are separated while leisure exists to connect and to breach through isolationSolutions which are experienced as a collectiveCreative accessibility
4) Live performances are main income streamFree content is sharedImmersive live showsCreative accessibility

Let’s transform art, together.

Workshop Program

The workshop starts with a kick-off to inspire and open the minds of everyone participating in the workshop to adopt an inclusive and creative mindset. During this session, we want to inspire and guide your organisation through the process of possibilizing.

The workshop enables organisations to become more aware of the possibilities of creative accessibility. Through brainstorming, exemplary examples, and experience, we guide your organisation, venue or act towards more creative accessibility.

If you want Revelland to become an integral part of the change required in your organisation, we also offer multiple sessions in which we guide the change process towards creative accessibility.

Tailor-made Workshop Program

An inspiring series of workshops

If you want to tackle accessibility issues throughout your organisation, Revelland helps to achieve this with a concrete tailor-made workshop program. For organisations who are serious about changing towards accessibility, we work towards a more inclusive policy.

In a series of five workshops we have developed, organisations can make use of tailor-made workshops in which we approach challenges and bottlenecks proactively.

Based on your intentions, we can adjust the frequency and scale of the workshops. We strongly advise to maintain a period between workshops, to stimulate internal discussions and actions about this topic.

This way, we have an agile and proactive approach towards change. After the series of workshops, your organisation has a supported inclusive accessibility policy and implementation plan developed and supported by your employees.

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